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Creating internal balance is one life’s greater challenges. It requires constant vigilance and regular reflection on our own thoughts and actions. Walking the path between extremes means constantly pulling ourselves back to the centre without judgement. Balance is the cornerstone of Self Mastery, creating an inner serenity which radiates outwards affecting all around us in a positive way. Our world is sorely in need of balance now, and it is important to remember that the energetic balance of one person contributes to the whole, as we are all connected.

Balance is very significant because it is actually unconditional love, which is not an emotion but a state of balance. When you are in balance you are at one with all that is and you have complete acceptance for all those around you. In this world judgement prevails; and while it does, balance cannot. The same applies internally.Creating beauty is also powerful way of bringing balance into your life.

Hand painted on goatskin parchment using gouache,
ink and embellished with gold leaf.

Words by Tania Crossingham

Original Image size 30 x 42 cm

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