Now you can learn illumination from the comfort of your home in a time that suits you!

Each webinar lesson consists of an instructional video taking you step by step through the process.  You will also receive a PDF to download with the class notes and diagrams to refer back to whenever you want with instructions for what materials you will need.


Thanks to Svetlana for sending me some
of her beautiful work inspired by the
"Pen flourished Versals" webinar.

"My name is Svetlana, I am from Vladivosto Russia. Accidentally from instagram I learned about your wonderful webinars. I do not know English well, but your videos are very clear even for me. I really like your webinars!"

Available courses

Romanesque Divine Inspiration

Armenian border and bird alphabet

15th century letter D with flowers

Acanthus leaf workshop

Greek 14th century border

Marvelous Miniature Marginalia

Pen flourished versals

Romanesque Border

Romanesque letter D with dragon


Free for you to enjoy.

Medieval paints

Creating symmetry

The benefits of doing illumination

Try your hand at illumination