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Book a live class

Below is a list of courses that I have on offer for groups and organisations. New courses can be also be created at your request. I can teach small courses that run for 2 - 3 hours, up to a two or three day course, or longer if you require. I can tailor courses to suit your needs.

I am a trained Art Teacher with experience teaching both children and adults.

Each course will come with printed, detailed instructions that students can take home.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Italian white vine illumination course.

This course can be run over two days, or three with extra preliminary exercises added. Both the illuminated letter and the border can be taught as separate one-day workshops.

Students will learn basic painting skills and how to apply gold leaf. Suitable for beginners and more experienced students.

Romanesque illuminated letter S course

This is a one day workshop that is a great introduction to medieval illumination. Students can pick from two different versions of the design depending on how confident they feel.

Students will learn basic painting skills and how to apply gold leaf.

Fifteenth century figures and drapery course

This is a one day workshop that is designed for people with some illumination or painting experience who would like to build their skill level.

Students will learn more advanced painting skills and study how the human figure and drapery were depicted in later illuminated manuscripts.

Pen flourished versal short course

This is a short course that lasts 2 hours. It is a live online course only. It is designed for complete beginners and gives students a basic introduction to painting skills and using a dip pen. This can also be taught to children and pencils or felt markers can be substituted for paint.

I can also run this workshop as a live online class for your group.

Romanesque illuminated page course

This is a three day workshop that teaches page layout, painting skills, illumination techniques, creating knot work, painting lombardic capitals and application of gold leaf.

It is designed for students with some experience with illumination.

Gothic illuminated B short course

This is a short course of around 3 hours and is designed for complete beginners.

Students will learn basic painting skills and how to apply gold leaf.

Insular zoomorphic interlacing  course

This is a one day course that introduces students to the zoomorphic interlacing used in the early Celtic manuscripts.

Students will study how to create the interlacing and some basic painting skills. This course is suitable for beginners.

Other exercises or smaller projects can be added to turn this into a two day workshop.


Puzzle Letter O short course

This is a short 3 hour course that is suitable for beginners. Students will learn how to construct a puzzle letter and then paint it using basic painting skills.