When I first decided to study illumination, you were one of the very first 'Modern Masters' I found... Your art, message, presentation and even teaching inspire and encourage me to keep learning and to be authentic and brave. Gold brings warmth and light to the paper but the joy and light you pour into each piece shows.  It was literally you and seeing your work as another illuminator who is so vastly gifted, that gave me courage to put brush to paper. Your devotion to your art and your care for others shows in your work and even your website and inspirational message is perfection. Each piece you make is enchanting and you will never know how much of a 'light' and impact you have been. Thank you for being so true to the art, to yourself and to the light!  K. Franklin

I met Tania by chance at the ABBEY MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL and emailed her that night. Tania responded promptly and quickly negotiated a price and delivery date. True to her word, she provided drafts a few days in advance and had the final product ready to rumble within a day after that. Tania was professional and easy to deal with, and I am quite happy with how the pieces have turned out.  S. Bennet

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I have commissioned Tania Crossingham with two works over the course of the past year. I was more than pleased with Tania’s professionalism and dedication.She kept me permanently in the loop with regards to the development of the works and was extremely flexible when it came to my personal input. Both works included calligraphy, heraldry and fine art, are of the highest standard and have exceeded my expectations by far.

Tania is an exceptionally gifted artist and I am certain that I will commission her again for future works.I do highly recommend this multi-talented artist.  Gerard Cornielje

Your work for me was like a guide post lighting part of my journey discovering Celtic mysticism, spirituality and art! Thanks Tania for your art and inspiration! N. Moore

Oh how wonderful!! Love the clean lines, historical accuracy and simply how beautiful your work is! Added bonus you share your skills with us and do an excellent job teaching!
S. Simon

I love how you bring a medieval art to life - and personalize it for individuals today just as it would have been done. Breathtaking! J. Anderson

I've just loved and admired your work all the years I knew you  fascinated and wishing I could do art like you.  Your work has inspired me to find and follow my own call, meaning and purpose. J. Nix

To say I’ve enjoyed Tania’s workshops is a gross understatement. I’ve have admired her work and Medieval Illumination in general for many years. I finally found the time to attend one. In short, I should have done this years ago. Walking in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Walking out I was amazed and proud of what I had achieved. Tania is a thorough, patient, encouraging and an extremely knowledgeable teacher. She let everyone set their own pace but continually encouraged us to extend our skills and have faith in our own ability. Whatever each individual skill set and level we all walked out chuffed and excited with what we had produced. I have attended Tania’s workshops for just over a year now and have developed a love of the art and style and cannot thank her enough for introducing me to the delights Medieval Illumination. N. Ozanne

Thank you so much Tania!  It was such a pleasure for me to be a part of such a wonderful workshop. As I might have mentioned once or twice, it is such a treat for me to have the opportunity to do things on my own and being a part of this workshop was so worth the time investment it took to make it all happen.  I’m so appreciative of your patience, expertise, encouragement and beautiful aura of calmness Tania, which all contributed to us to coming away with such impressive results. Each person did such beautiful work over the three days and everyone's lovely company made it all the more enjoyable.  B. Whitmore.

"I commissioned Tania to create a beautiful customised variation of a manuscript image which I needed for the cover of my new book. Tania did an exceptionally beautiful job using the colours and styles of patterns I specifically asked for to give me an image I am extremely delighted with. Tania's work is of the highest standard and her communication throughout the process was excellent. I cannot recommend her and her work enough."  Rosalie Gilbert

Words cannot explain the joy inside of just how beautiful this piece is. You are an absolute inspiration and a truly talented artist. Well done!  K. Webster

So transforming is her collection of poetry, calligraphy and masterful medieval illustrations that I have bought many a print to send overseas to my friends and families, artifacts that are still treasured by many.

I have never before commissioned an artist and never thought I ever would, but I am stunned at how well it worked out and how much the experience and the work surpassed my expectations - in spite of knowing your work and having an idea of how kind and dedicated you are. Whether for king or pauper, your work transcends worldly concerns and lifts us to the other realm.

What Tania has offered and achieved in putting the words I've chosen into lettering and to illuminate not just their meaning but the journey of my father's life has left me speechless and enchanted, in a way that is only comparable to the beauty of her works and of life itself, which speak so much more eloquently and beautifully than I ever could.

If ever you have considered putting words that have a special meaning for you or a loved one into form, and a form that will outlast yourself and illuminate that message for generations to come, Tania is the artist to make it possible. Not only does she offer outstanding art of international standards to a fee that mere mortals can afford if the cause is worth it, also does she use all her incomparable skill and finesse to ensure that it illustrates the meaning and beauty of what you intend to a degree that seems otherworldly - just as her many works prove.

Correspondence is warm, prompt and reliable, updates are delivered without request and the quality of the work is so outstanding that I could not help but pay above the requested rate to show my true appreciation for this unique possibility to acquire a family heirloom for and from the Centuries from a real, living artist in our time. Dr Ulf Steinwurth