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We are One

“Modern science speaks to us of an extraordinary range of interrelations. Ecologists know that a tree burning in the Amazon rainforest, alters in some way the air breathed by a citizen of Paris, and that the trembling of a butterfly’s wings in Yucatan affects the life of a fern in the Hebrides.” Sogyal Rinpoche - The Tibetan book of living and dying.

This is about understanding and remembering that all creation is the one same thing. The ‘separateness’ we see is really an illusion; an incomplete picture. When you look at all matter from an atomic level, you cannot define where a person ends and the space around them begins. Even the apparently ‘empty’ space is filled with life. Everything in all universes;  stars, planets, and people are imbued with the same spirit, that links us together as one huge evolving organism. The text in the image is from an alchemical doctrine of the First Matter declared in the axiom of Hermes.

"All things are from One by the meditation of one, and all things have their birth from this one thing by adaption."

Hand drawn on watercolour paper with graphite

Original Image size 42 x 30 cm

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