Trust in your knowing

From the day we are born, we look to others who are older, wiser and more experienced than us, to guide and teach us. We are trained in schools to learn from experts, and learn that their wisdom is greater than ours. By the time we become adults that pattern of looking for wisdom outside of us is deeply entrenched. Yet a complete storehouse of wisdom and a vast array of experience are an integral part of each of us if we can only learn to tune into it. Learning to trust that knowing is a vital step each of us will eventually take. You are the expert on yourself - not anyone else. Listen to the small, quiet voice that whispers within, and all of heaven will rejoice.

Image inspired by the Taymouth Hours created  in England in 1325 - 1340.

Words by Tania Crossingham  

Hand painted on calfskin parchment using watercolours, ink and embellished with gold leaf.

 Original Image size 12.5 x18 cm  

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