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The Law of One

The Law of One is the primary universal mandate binding all life together. We are all emanations of the Divine experiencing life and expressing our diversity in a myriad of ways. Humankind has reached the decisive point in its history where drastic change can no longer be avoided. Evolution requires us to move forward together in the spirit of community, co-operation and respect for all life.

Nature demonstrates the Law of One to us as the seasons, plants, insects and animals flow with the stream of life and integrate seamlessly. The snowflakes with their exquisite crystalline structures are formed in perfect symmetry and balance , aligned with the All. They also represent diversity within unity – each a unique expression of the whole, as we are.The caterpillar and butterfly represent evolution and its constant striving to be more. Humanity needs to stop resisting this change and flow with the energy of Transformation, represented by the colour purple. Within all of us is an extraordinary well of Power, represented by the colour turquoise. Not power over others, but the power to be all that we can be, rise above our lower instincts and work in harmony and balance with each other and nature as part of all that is.

“ We are all connected in ways that cannot be seen with the eyes, only felt with the heart ”

The lily of the valley and ladybugs are the national flower and insect of Finland, and the snowflakes also represent the pristine beauty of my new home.

Created for the "United by Calligraphy" International Exhibition held in Romania 2020.

Created on calfskin parchment with Winsor and Newton gouache, white gold and bronze mica powders, Dr Martin iridescent silver ink and 23ct gold leaf.

Original size: 25 x 35cm

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