The Invitation

Throughout the centuries those who have understood and held the Light within their hearts have always invited others to do the same. Whether through teaching, healing, the written word, art or music, the invitation has always been present for those who are ready to re-establish the connection to their divine self. Now, the invitation has become more urgent as time speeds up. The earth and her siblings have been drawn by father sun along the ancient pathway that traverses the Milky Way towards the centre. The great cycles of universal time that operate across the vastness of aeons have drawn one age to a close, and ushered in another. The winds of change blow over the Earth and many begin to stir in their sleep and awaken to their purpose. Never before has the invitation been so prominent and the time so ripe.

Image is inspired by pages from the St Alban's Psalter, that was created at St Albans Abbey between circa 1120 and circa 1145. It was one of the finest examples of English Romanesque Illumination.  

Hand painted on calfskin parchment using watercolours, ink and embellished with gold leaf.  

Original Image size 25 x 32 cm  

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