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Sacred Space

In a world filled with war, fear, anxiety and anger, it is more important than ever to protect yourself from all of this negative energy that swirls around you in the soup of collective consciousness.

Surround yourself in a bubble of light and use the blue flame, given as a gift by Archangel Michael to surround this bubble. This blue flame is the energy of healing and protection and can you use it to block out any energy that is not for your highest good. This creates a Sacred Space, where you are free to be yourself without the negative influence of others. You can walk through a crowd and not be impacted by the powerful emotions of those around you.
Fill your Sacred Space with Serenity, Peace and Balanceso that you can
be a powerful, positive influence to all those around you.

Inspired by images from the 11th century Codex Uta


Words by Tania Crossingham

Image size: 30 x 42cm

Gouache and gold leaf on calfskin vellum

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