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Radiate the best of who you are

Very few of us see ourselves as a bright, shining light that radiates out into the world, inspiring and encouraging others to do the same. Yet in truth, at our essence, this is exactly who we are. There is a wise old parable from Master Jesus that states, “Don’t hide your light under a bushel.” We have become very accustomed to veiling our true nature from others, and even more sadly, from ourselves. Fear is at the core of this reluctance to shine. Fear of what others might think of us, fear of what happened in the past and fear of not being good enough. We are terrified to gaze upon the magnificence of our own Light. It is far safer and easier to bury ourselves. If we were to truly see that Light within us, what would it mean? What changes would we feel compelled to make? The mask of excuses we hide behind would lose its validity, and we would be exposed!  

Shining your Light requires a lot of courage, but the rewards are extraordinary beyond measure. As you learn to shine, your energy radiates out into the world changing everything around you and has a positive impact on all those around you without having to say a word. Share your gifts, talents and Light generously with your world and you will become enriched. Light is not to be concealed, but revealed.

Words by Tania Crossingham

Inspired by the Hours of Maastricht produced in the fourteenth century  

Hand painted on vellum using gouache and embellished with gold leaf.

Original Image size 13 x17 cm

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