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"Born of the primordial genesis, the potential gestates across aeons of time. Suspended in the void of endless possibilities and guarded patiently by Spirit, it waits for the perfect moment to emerge into reality and begin its cycle of life."

The Orphic egg is an ancient symbol rich with significance. Representing the ultimate potential of all things, some traditions refer to it as the great Cosmic Egg that was the source of the universe itself. Eggs are an important symbol in all human cultures;  the mystery of that which has been gestating within, emerges to create a new beginning.

On an individual level, I feel this potential stirring within me. In meditation as I sit in the void of endless possibilities, it is a reality that can be felt and anticipated but not yet seen or experienced. This potential has been there all along, waiting for me to notice it, waiting for me to explore it. Encircling this potential is Spirit, protecting this ancient energy and ensuring that that it emerges at the exact moment to smoothly integrate into the great Divine Plan. Spirit gently prods and encourages the process of emergence as the shell begins to crack and the wondrous new life begins its journey.


Painted with gouache over black pastel paper marbled with acrylics

Original image size 39.5 x 28cm


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