As Above so Below

Carved into the temple of Apollo in Delphi and the axiom of every mystery school in existence is the principle, "Know Thyself and thou shalt know the universe and God." Walk the Royal Road of the Alchemists leading to the Self and embark upon the greatest adventure of your life. This has as much relevance today as it has throughout human history.

To know yourself is to discover the wonder of who you are beyond what you dreamed was possible. It is never the work of one moment, one year or even one lifetime. This is a process that is ever present in the life of one who seeks to be all that they can be; for each of us is an aspect of the Divine that is always becoming, always evolving.

Knowing thyself is not a destination but a journey. It allows our lives to become truly magical and filled with joy as we learn to move beyond the smallness of our human personality and understand our place in the universe. Sit in the velvet darkness of the Great Void and ask to be shown more of who you are. Learn to connect to greater aspects of yourself and allow the mystery of who you are to unfold.

Inspired by designs by fifteenth century Books of Hours

Words by Tania Crossingham

Hand painted on dyed goatskin parchment using gouache and embellished with gold leaf.

Original Image size 19 x 25 cm  

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Know Thyself

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