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ringing together the magic symbolism of medieval illuminations with empowering messages for the emerging consciousness of the twenty-first century.

Illuminated manuscripts have been a powerful form of visual communication for many centuries.  They are a beautiful way of talking with the Divine. Their use of colour, symbolism, pattern and gold have captivated and delighted our imaginations. As an artist, studying and re-creating these manuscripts, this has been a truly remarkable journey of self discovery. Over time, I began to understand the important role that these manuscripts still play in the twenty-first century.

"I believe that re-creating a stronger connection to the Divine through a better understanding of ourselves, is our primary reason for Being."

I understood that these manuscripts needed to evolve into the twenty-first century by having a message that was relevant to people today. I believe the modern, materialistic world is crying out for meaning, deeper connections, and a sense of the sacred mystery. These works aim to inspire this in people.

By learning to move beyond our personality (the body, mind and emotions) to connect with our soul, we begin the process of "Knowing Thyself." This self exploration helps us to understand our connection to All that is. As children of the Divine, we have all the attributes within us to conquer our fears and master our thoughts and emotions. Through an understanding of who we truly are, we can gain a greater understanding of the universe we live in and build a stronger connection with the Divine source of all life.

The truth of who you are and why you are here is stored in your heart and encoded into your very DNA. If you take the time to be still and listen, then the quiet voice of your soul will whisper your truth to you. It is our purpose to have the soul, the mind and the emotions all working in collaboration as a functioning partnership. Remove the soul from the equation and you become like a ship lost at sea being buffeted by the winds of your thoughts and at the mercy of the rolling swells of your emotions. The soul is the rudder that gives you purpose and direction, and will guide you safely home.

The time has arrived for humanity to come of age and cast off immature behaviour such as greed, self-centredness and violence, and evolve into a more mature space of community awareness, peace, compassion, kindness and unconditional love. This change will never come from the governments of this world; it will only happen when each individual makes a concerted effort to change within themselves and take responsibility for their own life and become aware of how that affects others and the world around them.

These Illuminations offer one way of assisting this whole process. They have been created to inspire you to explore and understand yourself on a deeper level. You can use them as a meditation tool, or simply enjoy looking at them. Either way, they can assist you at a very deep level to open up to more of who you are and strengthen your connection to the Divine. Through these works I also hope to inspire both acceptance and a sense of personal responsibility. This ultimately helps you achieve a greater sense of balance within.




ACCEPTANCE - a non judgemental acceptance of all that is

Acceptance of self - understanding that you are perfect just the way you are in this moment. Your soul chose this personality and body to work through.

Accepting that there is a divine spark within you and by attuning to that, you can be so much more than you believe yourself to be.

Acceptance of others - other's beliefs and the choices they make in their life

Acceptance of the world the way it is - This does not equate to agreement with all that is happening, just acceptance. To not accept is to judge a situation as being wrong. This actually adds to the negative impact of the situation. As emotional beings it can often be very challenging to step away from the emotion and judgement. However, we do not see the bigger picture that is unfolding, only our limited human perception.


Personal responsibility to self - your own thoughts and actions that affect everything and everyone around you.

Personal responsibility for your own spiritual journey - You alone are responsible for what you do and the consequences that follow. Expecting someone to rescue or save you is abdicating your responsibility. Blaming your parents, your past or your circumstances is avoiding responsibility.

Personal responsibility to the world - acting in a way that helps to build a better world for the future, both socially and environmentally.


These illuminations also offer an opportunity for healing from past trauma. In medieval times there was the idea that there was only way to "heaven"; one path to the Divine. Those who did not conform to this belief system were labelled a heretic and often paid for their "crimes" by having their life taken away. This deep emotional scarring is held by the soul and affects many people still today. What I offer through my work is an acceptance of all beliefs and an understanding that there are as many paths to the Divine as there are people in this world. There is no right way or wrong way to find your way back to the Divine.

No belief system "owns God".
No belief system is the "only way."
No belief system has all the answers.
No belief system knows you the way that YOU do.
Trust in your own knowing and follow that inner guidance above all else.



What I offer through my illuminations, are ways to understand yourself at a deeper level, and ways to connect with the Divine directly, that your life may become richer, more balanced and filled with joy.

May we all work together in these troubled times towards oneness not separation.

May you change your corner of the world through love and acceptance, not fear and judgement.

May you be inspired to discover the fullness of who you are.


By choosing to become a patron, you are helping to get this message out into the world
through the work that I do.