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Illuminating the Shadow world

We live in a world of duality – dark and light, night and day, love and hatred, joy and sorrow. Many of us like to only focus on the “positive” and not focus on anything that we consider negative. In doing this, we can become blind to the shadow aspect of life.

We are also dual beings and have within us shadow and light that play out in all our daily activities and interactions. To deny the shadow within us, is to not accept who we are. The shadow is not evil, but simply a part of us that has not yet been transmuted into Light. Shadows can be a repressed memory or experience but they can also be an unrealized potential within, that is waiting to be embraced.

Entering the shadow world within, you are confronted with static energy that has been petrified by fear and avoidance. As you move through this landscape of stagnation you can choose to shine the Light within your heart onto a piece of it. Under the scrutiny of this Light you can truly see the piece of shadow for what it is, and understand what you need to do to transmute it, with honesty and without judgement. It comes alive… spiraling and dancing, released and transformed. This new energy now becomes part of your Light, and assists you on your journey.

Oil on canvas

Original size 50 x 70 cm