As Above so Below

When you can look beyond the human perspective and begin to get an inkling of life from a universal perspective you can start to understand that nothing is random or a coincidence. Everything has significance and purpose; even the tiny events that barely register in our consciousness. Each thought that we think, every deed that we perform radiates out and becomes part of the universal fabric, meshing with all others and affecting all other life. In return, the energy of all other life forms including the planets, stars and galaxies interacts with us. All that we find confusing, chaotic or “evil” in life is part of this and serves a purpose beyond our human understanding. As the Divine plan unfolds slowly across the vast expanse of time and space, it inspires us to be our essential Self. All creation is evolving and becoming more every moment.


Inspired by designs from sixteenth century Italian manuscripts

Words by Tania Crossingham

Hand painted on calfskin parchment using gouache, ink and embellished with shell gold.

Original image size 21 x 29.7cm


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Beyond the mundane

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