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Believe in yourself

So often in life we are made to feel small and insignificant, worthless and not capable of doing anything out of the ordinary. Then we start to believe that this is who we are. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Each of us has the potential within us to be extraordinary beings, and with that comes the ability to create whatever we need to lead fulfilling, joyous lives. The main hinderance to this process comes from the mind, which can become like a prison, trapping us inside the illusion of imagined limitations. Once you become aware of this, you can begin the process of dismantling the prison bars, and aquire a taste for freedom. It is our purpose to shine the light of our own unique being as we navigate our way through the adventure that is life.

Image is inspired by the Gorleston Psalter  written in the early fourteenth century in England.

Words by Tania Crossingham    

Hand painted on calfskin parchment using watercolours, ink and embellished with gold leaf.  

Original Image size 22.5 x 33 cm

Purchase this print