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Leonardo da Vinci had Ludovico Sforza and the Medici as his artistic patrons; and Michelangelo had Pope Julius III.

Without those great patrons, would there have been a Mona Lisa
or a Pietta for us to delight in today?

Historically, Art Patrons have formed a vital part of our cultural heritage and ensured that artists of the past could devote their time and energy to their greatest passion. We are truly indebted to these great Patrons who gave generously of their resources in the name of Art.


In the past, it was only the very wealthy who had the luxury of being able to do this. Now, living in our age of technology you can become an Art Patron for as little as 5$ per month!


As a full time artist there are a lot of monthly costs and expensive art materials to purchase. Like everyone else, we have bills to pay, but without a regular income, this can sometimes be challenging. There are many of you out there who really love what I do, and so I have decided to allow you into my private world where you can be a part of the creative process and get to know me better.

If you choose to become one of my special patrons, you will have access to exclusive material that I will not put on my website or social media. I will be talking about what I create in a lot more detail and share process videos and photos with you. I will also go into much greater detail about the important message within my illuminations and share with you how this can work in your life. There will also be gifts and special discounts only available to patrons.

I have created five different tiers of patronage to suit all budgets and it simply works like this, the more you give to me, the more I give back to you! To see more information, or sign up, please click on the link below.