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Balancing the elements

The four elements of earth, water, air and fire operate within us at all times, even if we are not aware of it. For us to achieve a true internal balance, then these elements also need to be balanced. Too much or too little of any of any of them, creates an imbalance. The grounding of earth and our connection to it is vital, yet too much earth means we get stuck. Water is emotions which are an integral and necessary part of our human state of being, yet when the emotions run unchecked and begin to master us, the tide is very destructive not only to us, but the world around us. Air is the mind and its ability to use logic and reason, but when air is too dominant then we block the communication from spirit. Fire is spirit, creativity, warmth and passion, but too much fire is anger and destruction. Being aware of these elements and the part that they play within us is the first step towards balancing them internally. The more we can do this, the closer we come to mastering ourselves and our lower nature (represented by the animal at the man’s feet.)

Hand painted on goatskin parchment using gouache, ink and embellished with gold leaf.  

Original Image size 13 x17 cm

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