King David and Psalm 63

It does amaze me that this beautiful verse written over three thousand years ago, the product of a bygone civilization, is still so relevant to me today. My quest to connect more to the Divine is so beautifully reflected in the words of King David, the author of this verse. I too, have moments when I truly behold the vastness and majesty of the divine, feeling the outpouring of this love wash over and through me. There is nothing on this earth that compares to the deeply satisfying sense of completion that comes from this experience and connection.  

This piece was inspired by two manuscripts, both produced in Canterbury, England in the mid eighth century. Here the School of Canterbury produced images that had Mediterranean models mixed with Insular decoration. The two Manuscripts were, The Codex Aureus of Canterbury and The Vespasian Psalter. The image is King David playing his harp. The verse is from Psalm 63, written in a late uncial calligraphy. This was early Anglo-Saxon Art.  

Hand painted on calfskin parchment using watercolours, ink and embellished with gold leaf.  

Original Image size 42 x 27 cm

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